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If you are an individual or an entity holding a license or certification from a Florida Agency or Department, the procedures are a little be different from Florida Circuit Court.  More specifically, your case will  fall under the purview of the  Florida Administrative Procedures Act. In addition, you must also navigate the intricate maze of rules and regulations laid down by the State of Florida.

Presenting your case before such governmental bodies is an entirely DIFFERENT, bearing little resemblance to conventional courtroom litigation. There are no juries for you to persuade.  If you choose an "Informal Hearing" as opposed to a "Formal Hearing," the decision on your case will be made at the Agency that is taking action against you. However, if you choose a "Formal Hearing,  your case proceeds to trial, and the initial outcome will be determined by an Administrative Law Judge. For the most part, the rules of evidence and procedure are the same. However, there is one major difference- HEARSAY EVIDENCE IS ADMISSABLE. 

Moreover, in the majority of litigations, the Administrative Law Judge does not make the final verdict. Rather, they put forth a "Recommended Order," which is then returned to the Agency for the final determination. Given these potential disparities in rules and procedure, having an attorney on your side who is well-versed with these variations, comprehends them, and is ready to leverage this knowledge for crafting a strong defense and guiding you through the process, is absolutely crucial for a favorable outcome. The Haston Law Firm brings significant experience to the table, dealing with clients in similar predicaments, having established relationships with these agencies, and possessing an in-depth understanding of the challenges you are likely to encounter and the expectations you should set for your case.

Contact The Haston Law Firm for a free consultation as soon as possible. You only have a small amount of time to respond to Agency notices. 

A Typical Courtroom
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