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Overcoming the Challenge of Health Facility License Denials and Revocations:
The Role of an Administrative Attorney

Receiving a Notice of Intent to Deny, or an Administrative Complaint can feel like a brutal blow to the stomach, a jolt that reverberates through your entire being. The sensation is eerily similar when the Agency for Health Care Administration announces a Moratorium or an Emergency Suspension against your business. However, during such challenging times, an experienced administrative attorney can serve as a lifeline, helping you conserve valuable time and resources, and explore alternative strategies of resolution.


Removal of Revocation or Denial: A Feasible Outcome

In certain instances, the guidance of a seasoned attorney may even enable you to eliminate the revocation or denial of a renewal from the equation. It's crucial to recognize that legal battles involving the denial of a health facility license, or the revocation of such a license, should ideally be taken to trial only as a last resort. The initial shock of a denial or revocation can be exponentially amplified if you suffer a loss at trial. At The Haston Law Firm we understand that your initial thought may be trial, but have you thought of the devastation to you family and their livelihood if we are not successful?


Laying the Groundwork: The Pre-Trial Approach

After a detailed discussion of the facts and potential defenses, even when the odds of winning seem highly favorable, the key strategy is to ensure the revocation or denial is taken off. Proceeding to trial with a revocation or the denial of the license  the table before proceeding to a trial. In an ideal scenario, one where the facts overwhelmingly support your case, the resolution should still focus on fines and non-monetary sanctions when revocation of the license is sought by the Agency.


In essence, the journey through health facility licensing disputes may appear daunting, but with sound legal assistance, the daunting can become manageable. An administrative attorney can help you navigate these choppy waters, turning unfavorable situations around, and bringing potential relief from the sting of license denials and revocations.

The Haston Law firm will provide you with all your options and support and defend the options you choose in moving forward.


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